Haiku Hands enlist ipon for remix of ‘Eat This Bass’

"We started nodding our heads and making bass faces"

Haiku Hands have shared a new version of their single ‘Eat This Bass’, remixed by French producer ipon.

It is the fourth single from Haiku Hands’ self-titled debut to receive an official remix. ‘Not About You’, ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Manbitch’ were remixed by producers Jayteehazard, El Gusto and Joyride respectively. The reworking of ‘Eat This Bass’ sees ipon slow the beat to a half-time speed, adding more melodic elements and trap influences.

Listen to the remix below:


In a press statement, the group explained they were linked up with ipon via American label Mad Decent. When the producer sent through his remix, they “didn’t know what to expect” but were ultimately impressed with the end result.

“As the intro came in we were looking at each other, like ‘What is this?,'” they wrote.

“It was cranked up loud, and as the beat dropped we started nodding our heads and making bass faces – which is what you want from a remix of ‘Eat This Bass’.”

In his own statement, ipon expressed a desire to expand on the song’s “punk potential”, focusing on the lyric “I don’t give a fuck” as a basis for this.

“I wanted to make the listener go through several emotions while listening to it like joy, anger and liberation,” he said.


“I added my sound design to bring the song into my universe.”

Haiku Hands released their self-titled album in September of 2020.

In a four-star reviewNME praised the album for its “huge singalong moments stood atop energetic club anthems.”

“[D]espite 2020 being extremely anti-party,” it read, “Haiku Hands’ self-titled debut is an unapologetic blast of gleeful rebellion that’s determined to keep the good times rolling.”

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