Hallie channels their inner ‘00s pop star on new single ‘Love!’

The fast-rising Brisbanite also announced their debut EP

Hallie has returned with their second new song for the year – a crunchy pop-rock sizzler titled ‘Love!’ – alongside the news of their upcoming debut EP.

‘Love!’ is an unashamedly nostalgic riff on pop love songs of the early 2000s, complete with an intro that starts with a record scratch and heavily reverbed guitar melody – with Hallie’s chopped-up vocals nestled underneath – before a punchy drum fill introduces the first verse. 

Hallie Tait theirself noted in a press release that they were particularly inspired by Gwen Stefani’s 2004 single ‘Cool’, saying: “I loved how the main hook of the song was one lyric and that lyric felt almost personified by the energy and sonic world of the song.”


Have a look at the video for ‘Love!’ – which was self-directed by Tait – below:

On the song’s genesis, Tait said: “I initially wrote ‘Love!’ about my then partner, when I woke up on my period feeling irritable but was instantly comforted by the love and depth of connection we had. After finishing the writing and production with Oscar Sharah, I found new meaning in the song, and how in my current life it speaks to the platonic love surrounding me. 

“It’s really nice to be reminded that within all the chaos and confusion of my early 20s, there is so much support and love in friendships that often surpasses the romantic flings in my life.”

They went on to explain how those themes of “platonic love and support” were further embraced in the video for ‘Love!’, which they made alongside a group of their closest friends. “Running lines and dancing around in our lounge room felt so healing for my inner child,” Tait said. “It felt like we were eight again, being silly and full of joy while being creative. 

“We’re all working out who we are and what we want at this time in our early 20s, so it’s really nice to be reminded that within all the chaos and confusion, there is so much love and we can grow and work it out together. I am so in love with my friends, and I’m just lucky they were down to be a part of the video.”


‘Love!’ follows on from the August release of ‘Do It’, with both songs set to appear on Tait’s debut EP, ‘This Is Love’. The record itself is set to arrive independently on February 3 – have a look at the cover art and tracklisting for it below, then find pre-orders here.

The tracklisting for Hallie’s ‘This Is Love’ EP is:

1. ‘Do It’
2. ‘Love!’
3. ‘Shift The Focus’
4. ‘Love A Lot Interlude’
5. ‘Labelless’

Tait is currently on tour with Alex Lahey, performing tonight (November 4) in Ngambri/Canberra and tomorrow (November 5) in their hometown of Meanjin/Brisbane. At the Melbourne show last week, Lahey’s set was momentarily paused to allow for an actual wedding procession to take place.

A month after they release ‘This Is Love’, Hallie will embark on a tour of the east coast supporting Teenage Dads. Among the other songs likely to fill their setlist are the four standalone singles they dropped last year: ‘Sydney Hates Me’, ‘Fairy Bread’, ‘Lip Balm’ and ‘Babysitter’.