Hallie says “fuck you to the patriarchy” in frustrated new single, ‘Babysitter’

Arriving with a music video inspired by '90s riot grrrl culture

Brisbane rising star Hallie has shared an angry new single by the name of ‘Babysitter’. Scroll down to listen.

The grunge-influenced track was self-produced by Hallie and born out of a frustration to excessively caretake in relationships. It was mixed by Chris Collins (Middle Kids, Ruby Fields) and features heavy distortion and intense synths.

“‘Babysitter’ is fuck you to the patriarchy,” Hallie writes. “I wrote it during a time when I was newly single and dating casually. I found that I was overjoyed on dates by the smallest things – like having dinner made for me and not having to be the one to always make the plans or hold the conversation.


“Looking back I realised I was getting excited about, really, the bare minimum. As a woman in a heteronormative relationship you are essentially taught to babysit men, this song is my call to women/non-binary people to know their worth and needs and don’t settle for babysitting!”

‘Babysitter’ comes accompanied by a hazy music video, inspired by ’90s riot grrrl culture. Take a look below:

This marks the fourth single this year from Hallie, who last shared the break-up anthem ‘Lip Balm’ back in September (with a Kath and Kim-inspired music video). Prior to that, the performer released ‘Sydney Hates Me’ and ‘Fairy Bread’, the latter of which arrived with a series of headline tour dates.

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