Halsey hits back at trolls after revealing she’s studying for the bar exam

The singer recently told fans that she is currently studying constitutional law

Halsey has hit back at those internet trolls who recently criticised her for announcing that she is studying for the bar exam.

Halsey told her Instagram followers on Monday (May 25) that she is currently studying law, writing in a caption “law is fun but hard” in regards to her studying while also including a picture of a textbook on constitutional law.

Asked by one follower in the comments section of the below post why she was studying constitutional law, Halsey replied: “I’m studying for the bar exam!”


In a series of now-deleted tweets that were originally posted yesterday (May 27), Halsey hit back after a Twitter user noted that “someone on Reddit really tore into [Halsey’s] ‘studying for bar exams schtick'” before adding: “Why do all these celebrities want to study for the bar exam all of a sudden?”

As reported by Insider, Halsey then replied: “Why the fuck is it a crime to educate myself beyond just wanting to pass the bar Qs? I am following a law school curriculum even though CA state doesn’t require a degree to take the exam.

“Am I surprised someone on REDDIT tore into the ‘popstar’ for doing anything at all? Haha no.”

In another tweet, the singer took further aim at her detractors by adding: “Reddit said ‘haha gurl with big tiddies who sing fun song cant take smart people test!!!! dumb whore let’s k*ll her.’


After telling her followers that she’ll still need “to complete an apprenticeship among other things” after studying law, Halsey said that she would be deleting the previous tweets because it “ain’t worth it.”

Earlier this month, Halsey and Marshmello released their collaboration ‘Be Kind’.