Hands Like Houses release new single ‘Space’, share music video

Premiered on triple j's Good Nights

Hands Like Houses have released a brand new single, ‘Space’, and an accompanying music video. Watch it below:

Receiving its premiere on triple j’s Good Nights last night (June 15), the new single, according to a press release, “captures a particularly mentally and spatially suffocating time for the band experience while recording”.


Vocalist Trenton Woodley, who reportedly felt these sentiments harder than the rest of the Canberra rock outfit, explained, “I think the song really captures that pressure we felt having to refine our raw ideas and work through our differences in taste and personality while recording.”

Woodley also noted the similarities between the lyrics and the “emotional claustrophobia” of COVID-19.

“There’s a strange sense of déjà vu, like I wrote them yesterday, with full knowledge of everything that’s happened in the last few months.”

He concluded with a heartfelt message, saying, “I didn’t want it to sound like I’d stopped trying. I wanted it to feel like coming out of a long silence, to say please be patient. I can get this right. I just need a little faith, a little trust, and a little bit of space to get myself back together.'”

The official music video, directed by Rhys Graham and produced by Jensen Cope, draws on the song’s themes of isolation and communication. Graham explained that “our character stops off at a couple of isolated motels which lead us into the world of the band….it all very much reflects the idea of the isolation that we’ve all just experienced.”


‘Space’ is the band’s second single for the year, following on from ‘Headrush’, which was released in March. Last year, they released non-album single ‘Through Glass’ featuring Melbourne singer/songwriter Samsaruh.

Hands Like Houses released their fourth studio album ‘-Anon’ in 2018, featuring the singles ‘Overthinking’, ‘Monster’ and ‘Sick’.

‘Space’ is available on all major streaming platforms now.