Hard-Ons announce new line-up with You Am I’s Tim Rogers

With a new single to follow next week

Sydney punk band the Hard-Ons have announced the expansion of their line-up to include You Am I frontman Tim Rogers.

Rogers will join founding members Peter Black on guitar and Ray Ahn on bass, as well as drummer Murray Ruse who has played with the band since 2011. A new single featuring the expanded line-up, ‘Hold Tight’, will be released on August 13, per the caption on Black’s Instagram post announcing Rogers’ arrival.

The new-look version of the band will also release a new studio album, entitled ‘I’m Sorry Sir, That Riff’s Been Taken’, on October 8 via Cheersquad Records.


Rogers has joined the band as its new lead vocalist, following the firing of Keish De Silva in March. Rolling Stone reported that the former singer had been accused of sexual misconduct, and was let go from the band in the wake of it. A proposed documentary about the band was also cancelled.

In a press statement, Ahn said he was “thrilled to have [Rogers] on board,” adding that he is already “loving his contribution” to the band.

“I was already the luckiest goof in rock ‘n roll, and [now] I get asked to make a racket with my heroes?” said Rogers in a statement. “Wake me up sometime, will ya?”

Rogers has long spoken about the influence that the Hard-Ons has had on his own career. In an interview with the Melbourne Theatre Company, Rogers explained that seeing the band play in Sydney served as his inspiration to start a band.


“They were violent but playful; dumb but not stupid,” he said. “Dumb ol’ rock ‘n roll! Hard; just powerful, really. For a lack of another word, it was cool.”

The Hard-Ons released their 12th studio album, ‘So I Could Have Them Destroyed’, in 2019. Rogers, meanwhile, released his 11th album with You Am I entitled ‘The Lives of Others’ this past May.