Harper Bloom drops new single and lyric video, ‘You’re The Music’

Her third single of the year

Perth singer-songwriter Harper Bloom has released her third official single, ‘You’re The Music’.

The new track follows debut single ‘Mary’ released in April, and follow-up song ‘Walk My Way’ in June.

‘You’re The Music’ premiered with an official lyric video, which features candid photographs of real-life couples from different walks of life, including Bloom’s own parents.


Watch it below:

In a statement, Bloom said she wrote the song in her bathroom and that it was inspired from a book she had read.

“The song came about because of a line I read in a novel which said, ‘She was like music’,” she said.

“From that line, I pictured a scene of a couple going back to the same dance floor where they had first met years ago. I then imagined myself, standing there looking at my partner and having a whirlwind of flashbacks of our first meeting and all of the moments which led to her playing such an important role in my life.”


Bloom continued on to describe the song as a celebration, saying, “‘You’re The Music’ is a coming of age story, celebrating two perfect strangers who grow together through life’s many ups and downs and become each other’s point of reference.”