Harry Hains finds ‘Paradise’ in new posthumous single

The third posthumous release under Hains' ANTIBOY moniker

The estate of the late actor and musician Harry Hains has released another of his songs, new single ‘Paradise’.

The third release from Hains’ forthcoming posthumous EP ‘A Glitch In Paradise’, ‘Paradise’ adds another complex yet compelling layer to Hains’ alter ego and performance moniker ANTIBOY.

Where ANTIBOY’s debut single ‘Good Enough’ explored themes of sexuality, gender and self expression without consequence, and its follow-up ‘Bang Bang’ gave a new spin on the Nancy Sinatra classic, a press statement says ‘Paradise’ is a “deeply personal story about the misconceptions of love”.


Another music video accompanies ‘Paradise’, again produced and created by Hains’ brother Sam Hains. Watch it below.

To celebrate the release of ‘Paradise’, Hains’ label, ANTIBOY Records, have announced a new online party which sees them team up with online queer space Club Quarantine. A safe space for queer artists, DJs and other performers to showcase their talents, the event has been dubbed Club Quarantine – Welcome To Paradise Rave.

Hains, who died in January at age 27 after a lengthy battle with mental illness and addiction, discussed the concepts and freedoms of his musical alter ego. “ANTIBOY represents the idea that most things that we are taught to believe in are an illusion,” he said.

“The idea of gender, sexuality and race are social constructs. ANTIBOY is this place of true equality. The surface doesn’t really matter anymore.


“It’s really who we are…that’s what matters – the amalgamation of our memories and experiences. We are one human consciousness.”