Hartley releases new single ‘Feel Too Much’

Co-produced with fellow Brisbanite LÂLKA

Brisbane alt-pop artist Hartley has shared new single ‘Feel Too Much’, co-produced with LÂLKA and mixed by Kllo’s Simon Lam.

The brooding, bass-heavy new track arrives only a month after Hartley’s previous single ‘Bittersweet’, which saw her share production duties with Ninajirachi.

Listen to ‘Feel Too Much’ below:


“I loved writing this because I was really frustrated and overwhelmed by a lot of emotions at the time, due to the person I was with and also my anxiety that liked to sprinkle itself into the mix,” the singer-producer said on the new single.

“I wanted the production to sound a bit more intense to portray the feeling of having an overloaded mental capacity too.”

Hartley shared her eponymous debut EP back in January, after incrementally releasing each single over the course of the previous year. She said ‘Feel Too Much’ would be the first of a new group of songs she had made over the last six months.

Upon the EP’s release, the artist said the release explored “different stages I went through within myself personally and in a relationship over the last couple of years,” adding that “even though it’s ending on a sadder note, I love that it’s so well-rounded and pinpoints both the highs and lows of those years of my life.”

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