Harvey Sutherland returns with new song ‘Jouissance’

The Melbourne funk synthesist is back with a Lacanian groover

Melbourne producer and funk synthesist Harvey Sutherland has returned with his first single for the year, ‘Jouissance’.

Opening with jarbled, heavily modulated acid bass, ‘Jouissance’ is underpinned by a steady motorik beat, with flourishes of analogue synths zig-zagging stylishly above. The title comes from a term coined by psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan.

“There’s no easy English translation, but it’s the itch that demands scratching, a masochistic desire,” Sutherland explains. “For me it represents an obsessional energy, a frustration in finding the funk. It’s about acknowledging my shortcomings along the way.”


‘Jouissance’ arrives alongside an appropriately surreal video created by Michael Renassia that sees Sutherland and his synthesiser take a psychedelic voyage through time and space. Watch that below:

“All my plans fell through when lockdown hit, so I had to improvise. I borrowed a friend’s Handycam, strung up a green screen and got to work,” Sutherland explains of the accompanying visuals.

“Michael took all my janky fragments and turned it into something amazing – he rode the waves of neurosis that the song tries to convey [and] went deep into the zone.”

This year has seen Sutherland – real name Mike Katz – contribute to Genesis Owusu‘s debut album ‘Smiling With No Teeth’, producing the song ‘Easy’. He later contributed a remix of album track ‘Gold Chains’.


“Harvey Sutherland has this certain charm about his work that somehow feels futuristic and reminiscent at the same time, so it felt more than right to enlist him to produce the ‘Gold Chains’ remix,” Owusu commented at the time.

Back in September, Sutherland also delivered a remix of ‘City of Love’, the debut solo single from The PresetsJulian Hamilton.