Hayley Kiyoko shares positive coronavirus therapeutic advice

"We are experiencing grief for the life that we imagined"

Hayley Kiyoko has passed on some advice from her therapist in a bid to support people who are feeling down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Yesterday (March 24) Kiyoko took to her Instagram to reveal what she’d spoken to her  therapist about while adjusting to life in quarantine. “I had a really productive talk with my therapist today,” she wrote. “I’ve been struggling just like many of you over trying to comprehend our new reality.”

The artist went on to explain that the global upheaval could be regarded as a form of grief. “We are experiencing grief for the life that we imagined, over the life that we could have had,” she continued. “The timeline we thought we had control over is completely out of our hands. That life we imagined can and will happen but we are forced to appreciate the now.”


She rounded off the message with the point that it can be better to accept and go through the motions of sadness in the long run. “It’s okay to feel uncomfortable, upset, lost, frustrated, we have to go through the grieving process,” she added. “But once we do, we will see the beauty of now. And we will triumph.”

In other news, rapper and actress Awkwafina has called out racist language being used during the coronavirus outbreak.

“I am saddened by the rhetoric that has come out of this, and the cruelty that came as a result,” Awkwafina continued. “I hope that while we self isolate and socially distance to stay safe, we also stay sane and calm,” she told fans on Instagram.

Elsewhere, dozens of other celebrities have recorded public service announcements urging fans to stay at home in order to flatten the curve of the virus. Robert De Niro recently spoke to New York residents, while Ryan Reynolds recorded a message for Canada.