Hayley Mary shares new single ‘Would You Throw a Diamond?’

The songwriter's latest is an ode to diamonds in the rough

Singer-songwriter Hayley Mary has shared her first single for the year, a searing, classic rock-indebted gem titled ‘Would You Throw a Diamond?’.

In a statement, Mary said ‘Would You Throw a Diamond?’ started out as a rough sketch by her partner, Johnny Took of DMA’S, that she could see “just needed bruising off and shining up”, hence the song’s title.

“I changed up the vibe and added some new parts and lyrics to bring out the idea of thinking first before throwing away a thing of inherent value, just because you’re not sure what to do with it right then and there,” she explains.


“You never know what new element is around the corner that can bring out the best in something old.”

‘Would You Throw a Diamond?’ arrives alongside a 70s-tinged, Lucy Knox-directed video. Watch that below:

‘Would You Throw a Diamond?’ follows on from Mary’s previous solo single, 2020’s ‘The Chain’. Last year also saw the Jezabels frontwoman release her debut solo EP, ‘The Piss, The Perfume’.

Last year, Mary spoke to NME while working on her debut solo album, giving an insight into the record’s songwriting and recording process.

“I’m trying to make a record where I could be on stage with just tracks and a guitar… the opposite to the purist rock ’n’ roll thing – which I don’t think I would’ve ever thought about before coronavirus,” Mary said.


“I’m letting go of rules and standards on what I thought rock ’n’ roll could be. How can I make a rock record with swagger and still be able to perform it on my own, and it’s still full and cool and can translate across a phone speaker?”

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