Hayley Williams shares fan’s cover of Paramore’s ‘Hard Times’ for Teens 4 Equality: “You just turned it into church”

T4E took over her Instagram this week

Hayley Williams has praised a cover of Paramore‘s ‘Hard Times’ by a black female artist after enlisting Teens 4 Equality to take over her Instagram.

The ‘Petals For Amor’ musician handed over control of her profile to the activist group earlier this week after attending their Black Lives Matter protest in Nashville, Tennessee.

“What they are doing as a part of advancing the BLM movement is punk AF and completely heroic,” Williams wrote after participating in the event, adding that she’d be giving the group access to her Instagram “in effort to put a spotlight on [their] work”.


In a subsequent Twitter thread following the takeover, Williams spoke of T4E’s “inspiring” activism while thanking them “for entering into – and even starting!!!- these conversations” surrounding race.

“The conversation around systemic oppression was never going to be a comfortable one,” she explained. “nor is the convo around police brutality. nor is the one around white privilege. but the conversation is going to happen. it has to. IT’S OVERDUE.”

In response to the thread, one Twitter user posted a ukulele rendition of Paramore’s ‘Hard Times’ which eventually caught the attention of Williams.

“You just singlehandedly turned ‘Hard Times’ into church,” the frontwoman said of the powerful cover. You can watch the performance below.


The Teens 4 Equality takeover of Williams’ Instagram came as many figures from the entertainment world continued to take part in ongoing protests against racial injustice. Events erupted in the US, UK and across the globe in the wake of George Floyd’s death last month.

Earlier this week, The Killers shared a new version of ‘Land Of The Free’ in tribute to Floyd, while Lady Gaga reflected on what she believes to be “a pivotal moment in [the US’] evolution”, adding: “Change will happen and it will be for the better.”

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