Hazlett announces new EP ‘Thundering Hopes’

Set for release next week

Brisbane-based artist Hazlett has announced today (June 26) that he’ll be releasing his new EP ‘Thundering Hopes’ next week.

The EP, which is set for release on Wednesday July 1, will be Hazlett’s first since his debut EP, ‘Honey, Where Is My Home?’.


In a press statement, Hazlett said that ‘Thundering Hopes’ is “about those moments when you move on and feel normal again. The times when you live a little reckless. The way you bury certain feelings to protect yourself.”

“Nights when you wonder if it’s okay to be selfish and mornings when you notice nothing’s a waste of time. It’s a collection of stories about fumbling your way to feeling good again and how living’s never perfect, but you can make it pretty.”

‘Thundering Hopes’ was preceded by a few singles taken from the EP, including ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Easy Now Tiger’. Listen to ‘Easy Now Tiger’ below.

“It’s me trying to reassure someone about all the moments that they crossed your mind but that maybe you didn’t articulate at the time,” Hazlett said of ‘Easy Now Tiger’.

“How nervously excited you get on a flight to see them. How many little things remind you of them in a day, and ultimately how it only works if they know it and feel the same.”