Hear a duet by Northlane frontman and Kate Miller-Heidke in ‘Last King of the Cross’ series trailer

The unlikely duo have teamed up for a rework of Miller-Heidke's 2009 single 'The Last Day On Earth'

Northlane frontman Marcus Bridge and Kate Miller-Heidke have teamed up for a rework of the latter’s single ‘The Last Day On Earth’.

Only a snippet of the unlikely collaboration has arrived so far, featured in the trailer for the forthcoming Paramount+ Australian original series Last King of the Cross. In the trailer, we hear soft piano and Miller-Heidke’s angelic tone carrying the song’s opening, before it explodes into a heavy chorus with Bridge’s blistering vocals.

The full reworked song is set for release via EMI Music on Thursday January 19, but for now, you can check out the snippet below.


Last King of the Cross tracks the true story of the Ibrahim brothers, Sam (played by Claude Jabbour) and John (Lincoln Younes). Based on the latter’s autobiography of the same name, it follows the pair from their poverty-stricken childhood as immigrants to their adulthood as big players in Sydney’s Kings Cross, with John becoming an infamous nightclub mogul and Sam a career criminal.

The 10-part series has been produced by Helium for Paramount+ Australia and is set to air on the streaming platform on Tuesday February 17.

‘The Last Day On Earth’ featured on Miller-Heidke’s 2008 album ‘Curiouser’. The singer went on to release four more original albums, with the latest being 2020’s ‘Child In Reverse’.

Last year, she shared a deluxe version of the record which featured a rework of ‘You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore’, featuring Jaguar Jonze. The deeply-personal song chronicles Miller-Heidke’s experience of being sexually abused by her great grandfather as a child, with the singer saying it’s about “dancing on the grave of an arsehole”.

Elsewhere, Northlane released their latest LP ‘Obsidian’ last year, previewed by singles ‘Plenty’ and ‘Carbonized’.

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