Hear an intimate Mo’Ju performance from 2018

On Triple R's Archival Revival show this week

Melbourne community radio station Triple R has aired an intimate 2018 performance by Mo’Ju .

The 50-minute set was recorded on the Triple R rooftop on October 17, two months after the release of her album ‘Native Tongue’. The singer-songwriter formerly known as Mojo Juju mostly plays material from that record.

The show aired yesterday (November 12) as part of the radio station’s NAIDOC Week edition of the ‘Archival Revival’ show, noting Mo’Ju’s Wiradjuri heritage, and is now available to stream on-demand here.


Mo’Ju changed her name from Mojo Juju in February this year, after she did research into the etymology of “Juju”, leading her to discover its spiritual meaning in several Indigenous languages, and the West African Yoruba language.

In August, Mo’Ju shared her first single under the new name, ‘Put It On Hold’, co-written by Clams Casino.

Mo’Ju also recently contributed to the soundtrack of the NITV documentary Looky Looky Here Comes Cooky. In an interview about the documentary with her and fellow First Nations songwriter Alice Skye, Mo’Ju told NME about how songwriting has helped her reclaim her Indigenous language.

“I feel like every little tiny thing is part of a process of reclamation, you know? And it’s so empowering in a way,” she said.

“I’m watching my mum learning to speak Wiradjuri now at 60, and I see how powerful that is for her. She feels so connected through language; it’s so important. And just having a newborn child, [I’m] realising my priorities have shifted. It’s important to me that I hand that on.”