Hear Geoffery O’Connor duet with Sui Zhen on ‘What A Scene’

The lounge pop ballad arrives with a fantasy radio station music video

Geoffery O’Connor has shared another single from his forthcoming duets album ‘For As Long As I Can Remember’ – ‘What A Scene’, a collaboration with Sui Zhen.

The track is a lounge pop ballad, with the pair exchanging lines. The music video, directed by O’Connor, pits the pair as hosts of a fantasy radio station that emits mysterious radio signals throughout the world.

“I’ve spent a lot of my life falling in and out of sleep to the sound of late night radio hosts talking about things I don’t understand,” he explained in a press statement. “The video concept is inspired by this and the dream of hosting my own radio show, which seems impossible with my current sleeping pattern and personality.”


Watch the clip below.

O’Connor’s duets album ‘For As Long As I Can Remember’ is due out on August 6. It’s set to include previously released cuts ‘For As Long As I Can Remember’ featuring HTRK‘s Jonnine, and ‘Foolish Enough’ with Laura Jean.

Other artists that will join O’Connor on the record are Sarah Mary ChadwickJune JonesNicole Thibault and Stephanie Crase (aka Summer Flake).

‘For As Long As I Can Remember’ marks O’Connor’s first album billed under his own name in seven years, since 2014’s ‘Fan Fiction’. Since then, his band Crayon Fields have released one album, 2015’s ‘No One Deserves You’, and released a deluxe reissue of 2009’s ‘All the Pleasures of the World’ earlier this year.


Outside of his own music, O’Connor is an established producer, having worked on records by many of the guest vocalists on ‘For As Long As I Can Remember’.

O’Connor has produced several records by Sarah Mary Chadwick, most recently this year’s ‘Me & Ennui Are Friends, Baby’. Other records O’Connor has helmed include June Jone’s ‘Diana’ along with Summer Flake’s ‘Hello Friends’ and ‘Seasons Change’.