Hear Hachiku remix Jen Cloher’s ‘Sensory Memory’

With a Filthyratbag music video

Jen Cloher has shared an ethereal new remix of her 2017 song ‘Sensory Memory’ by fellow Milk! Records signed-artist Hachiku, aka Anika Ostendorf.

The remix debuted on YouTube last night with an animated music video from infamous internet artist Filthyratbag, aka Celeste Mountjoy. Watch it below:


Cloher said the original track had a “playfulness” to it that reminded her of Ostendorf’s music.

“My vocal comes forward [in the remix] drawing focus to the lyrics which have a circular quality to them. Anika uses her own vocal as an instrument which is something I would never think to do. I have always loved Anika’s approach to arranging and her ability to create an ethereal dream like quality to her sound,” Cloher said.

In a press statement, Ostendorf walked through the design of the new ‘Sensory Memory’ mix.

“Production wise I wanted it to sound as if Chris Isaak and Jai Paul had a lo-fi child with I guess three heads that sing in choir,” she explained. “Bones’ bassline really stood out to me when Jen sent through the raw mix so I tried to highlight that by doubling it with a saw string bass. Sholaki’s drums were replaced with a Casio loop and while I love Courtney’s guitar part in the original recording I unfortunately had to get rid of it because it was too distinct. Sorry!!!

“Lastly because the original wasn’t recorded to click and gets a lot of energy from a slight tempo increase in the later half, I politely made everyone play and sing at 89 bpm with me.”


The new remix follows Hachiku’s covers EP ’99 Dreams’, released earlier this month, and appears to carry on in tone from her ‘Anika Learns Ableton’ series. Upon the release of ‘Chandelier’ in April, she explained the background to her DAW quest.

“I’m trying to utilise all this free time to expand my musical production vocabulary and learn how to use production software Ableton,” Ostendorf wrote on Instagram.

“The challenge to myself is to record one cover a week trying to incorporate some sort of production technique I wouldn’t usually try with my own songs.”