Hear Maddy Jane’s new song ‘You’re Not Mine (But I Think You Should Be)’

A new tune about confidence and self-love, premiering at NME

Tasmanian singer-songwriter Maddy Jane is releasing a new song ‘You’re Not Mine (But I Think You Should Be)’ – listen to it here exclusively at NME before it goes wide tomorrow.

The new track, which is about embracing confidence and self-love in the face of insecurity and negativity, is the first new music from the Bruny Island-raised artist since her debut album ‘Not All Bad Or Good’, which was released in May. In a four-star review, NME praised the record as “a rough and ready collection of tracks set to inspire”.

Since October, Maddy Jane Woolley has been on the ‘Live & Intimate’ tour of NSW and ACT, playing small shows in accordance with coronavirus capacity restrictions. She’s due to tour Canberra, Wollongong, Port Macquarie and Newcastle through November 28, with many shows sold out.


NME caught up with Maddy Jane to talk how it feels to finally tour, her appearance on triple j’s ‘Like A Version’ in June and more. ‘You’re Not Mine (But I Think You Should Be)’ is out on all streaming services tomorrow (November 6) – listen to it below and read on for the Q&A.

How and when did you record ‘You’re Not Mine (But I Think You Should Be)’?

It’s actually crazy to me that this song came together when it did. We recorded it in late June and had only really brought it all together just after we did Like A Version, whilst we had my guitarist from Tassie up.

So weird to think we did all of that in amongst everything that was going on! Because of that this song was one of those ones where I wasn’t even sure if I was saying much. But once it was all done it was suddenly so clearly a song about self-love and that journey towards confidence.

You sang Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Unwritten’ for Like A Version. Tell us about this choice of cover.


Performing ‘Unwritten’ for Like A Version was almost a joke! Brae from Dear Seattle really wanted me to do it as it was a song we bonded over, but I didn’t think it would actually ever be picked out or that we’d end up doing it! It’s such a guilty pleasure song and it’s a really weird full circle moment that ended up being our Like A Version. So glad triple j were keen for it!

You’ve been on tour in support of ‘Not All Bad Or Good’ – finally! How does it feel?

Playing shows live again was actually really surreal, for the first couple I almost felt like it wasn’t real and I wasn’t in the room. It was so exciting and made me so happy but I also felt a little out of practise too!

I swear I could hardly form a proper sentence at the first show back. I kept stumbling over my words and was like “woah girl get your shit together”. It was also really nice to see that these songs from the album that we haven’t played live at all have still resonated and people knew all the words.

In July you released your cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ – months before it became a TikTok hit. How does it feel to have been on the ‘Dreams’ train before anyone else?

Haha do I make the TikTok?! Yeah don’t feel like I’ve capitalised on that as much as I could have now haha. Yeah, I’ve been playing that song since busking on the streets so it’s always been very present in my life so I guess now it’s just as present in everyone else’s lives too! But when is it not a good time for some Fleetwood Mac?

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