Hear Too Birds’ feverish new single ‘Monstera Heaven’

The industrial rap trio's second album 'Melbourne 2' is out end-April

Melbourne industrial rap trio Too Birds have released ‘Monstera Heaven’, the first single from their upcoming album ‘Melbourne 2’.

‘Monstera Heaven’ is a maelstrom of distortion, pitched-down vocals and skittering lo-fi beats. It arrives with an animated music video by Santiago-based visual artist Anìbal Bley, where nightmarish images refract through a complex of corridors and blank rooms. Watch that below.


In a press statement, the group said the song was “about cleaning up after yourself, and ensuring a healthy future and maintaining a positive outlook on life”.

“You’ve seen the plants, but you haven’t seen the afterlife.”

Too Birds are the trio of solo vocalists Teether and Realname, and producer Mr Society. They first debuted back in 2016 with the mixtape ‘Where My Jacket’, chasing it a year later with their official debut album ‘I’m Going To Die’. Their new single is their first new music as a group since then.

‘Melbourne 2′ will arrive April 30. It’s available for pre-order from Too Birds’ Bandcamp here.

Too Birds new album Melbourne 2 single Monstera Heaven
Cover of Too Birds’ 2021 album ‘Melbourne 2’

The tracklist of Too Birds’ ‘Melbourne 2’ is: 

  1. ‘688aud’
  2. ‘Monstera Heaven’
  3. ‘Showers’
  4. ‘God’s Pharmacy’
  5. ‘7000000000 Chumps’
  6. ‘I’m The Peak’
  7. ‘Easy 2 Love’ (ft. Slug Christ)
  8. ‘I Live Here’ (ft. Diploid)
  9. ‘Snake City (Take me There…)’

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