Hiatus Kaiyote’s Paul Bender releases rap album ‘Middle Aged Caucasian Existential Debut Rap Record’

His second Bandcamp release of the year

Hiatus Kaiyote bassist Paul Bender quietly released a hip-hop album over the weekend, entitled ‘Middle Aged Caucasian Existential Debut Rap Record’.

Much of the lyrics are played for laughs, meta-riffing on 2020 and Bender’s new rap “career”, but the beats are professionally produced and evoke the neo-soul of the band he’s known for.

Parodies of rap album tropes are rife throughout, including the five-part ‘Obligatory Voicemail’ interludes, and a comically aggressive exchange of insults in ‘Down At The Arcade’ à la a bogan Wu Tang Clan.


It’s been released exclusively on Bandcamp – listen below.

Per a bio, the album features a brief appearance from Hiatus Kaiyote member Simon Mavin on ‘Tuckin’ In The Homies’, with other friends featuring on voicemails and short instrumental bits.

Bender wrote, produced and recorded the bulk of ‘Middle Aged Caucasian Existential Debut Rap Record’ himself during lockdown in Melbourne, and at The Grove Studio in NSW.

It’s his second Bandcamp release of the year, following the launch of his long lost easy-listening band The Sweet Enoughs. Their debut record ‘Marshmallow’ was released back in May, which also featured Mavin and Brisbane guitarist Lachlan Mitchell.

The tracklist of ‘Middle Aged Caucasian Existential Debut Rap Record’ is: 

  1. ‘Disclaimer’
  2. ‘Crumhorn’
  3. ‘Rap Career’
  4. ‘Obligatory Voicemail #1’
  5. ‘Currently Abiding’
  6. ‘Down At The Arcade’
  7. ‘Just A Game’
  8. ‘Self Conscious MC’s’
  9. ‘Obligatory Voicemail #2’
  10. ‘Thinkin’ About Me’
  11. ‘Heartbreaker’
  12. ‘Obligatory Voicemail #3’
  13. Maybes’
  14. ‘Shit’s Fucked’
  15. ‘FUCK 2020’
  16. ‘Tuckin’ In The Homies’
  17. ‘Wrong Ham’
  18. ‘Battlecat’
  19. ‘Trippin’, Actually’
  20. ‘Obligatory Voicemail #4’
  21. ‘Telephone’
  22. ‘Obligatory Voicemail #5’