Hilltop Hoods announce debut graphic novel ‘Noctis’

The comic is a collaboration with Z2 Comics, who have worked with Yungblud, Machine Gun Kelly and Gorillaz

Today marks a special day in the career of Hilltop Hoods, having just announced their first foray into comics with forthcoming graphic novel Noctis.

Noctis is being made in collaboration with US comics publisher Z2 Comics, making Hilltop Hoods the first Australian act to work with the brand.

A synopsis for Noctis reads: “Pressure, Suffa & DJ Debris are the Hilltop Hoods and Noctis’ newest inmates—er, recruits—when an anti-space incident infests the base with demonic aliens from another dimension!


“With the barriers between realities breaking down, it’s up to the Hoods to reverse the bleed before a nightmare god takes hold!”

Z2 Comics are famous for collaborating with musicians, having done previous work for Yungblud, Gorillaz, Blondie, Rico Nasty, Machine Gun Kelly and more.

Noctis was written by the trio in conjunction with Scott Dooley and Andrew Archer, with illustrations by Jeff Nice.

“Getting to work with Z2 on a comic is the realization of a childhood dream. I grew up reading Deathlok, X-Force, Spawn and a host of others, I never thought I’d be able to play a part in putting a comic together, and Z2 have been so generous with their knowledge, resources and time,” Hilltop Hoods’ Suffa said in a press statement.

“As for the writing and illustrations – I’ve been a fan of Tokyo 5 since it’s inception, Nice’s artwork is stunning, and Andrew Archer writes like someone who really understands how comic book universes should be constructed.


“Teaming them up with comedian Scott Dooley, who injected his sense of humour throughout, has resulted in a really exciting comic that everyone’s really proud of.”

Noctis is set for release in October of this year, with an array of different bundles available for pre-order. Some bundles include exclusive art prints, signed hard cover editions of the novel, and even faux vinyl coasters.

As for music, Hilltop Hoods haven’t released an album since early 2019, when they dropped their eighth full-length release ‘The Great Expanse’.

Last year did see them release one-off single ‘I’m Good?’, proceeds of which were donated to Support Act’s ‘Roadies (Crew) Fund’ in an effort to support crew in the live music industry while touring was put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.