Hilltop Hoods reunite with Montaigne and Tom Thum on ‘A Whole Day’s Night’

The reflective new song is a "response" to the Hoods' 2006 track 'What a Great Night'

Hilltop Hoods have shared their second single for the year, a response to their 2006 track ‘What a Great Night’ titled ‘A Whole Day’s Night’.

The track reunites the trio with Montaigne and Tom Thum six years after their first collaboration, 2016 single ‘1955’. Both songs were also produced by One Above.

In an accompanying statement, the Hoods explained that after realising the song “had a real ‘1955’ feel to it”, they decided to get the line-up back together. “It feels like we found that same chemistry again.”


The new song, which arrives more than a decade and a half after ‘The Hard Road’ hit ‘What a Great Night’ was released, is “a reflection on how we look at the same situation 15 years later,” the trio explain. “How what we considered a celebration back in the day, could be considered a regret in the present.”

Contrasting the high intensity of ‘What a Great Night’, the new song is a much slower, more meditative cut that sees MCs Suffa and Pressure reflect on the unintended consequences and lasting impacts that can come with partying too hard. Listen below:

“One of my creative resolutions for this year was to collaborate with my friends more so it is good timing that Suffa asked if I wanted to be on another Hoods track,” Montaigne said of the track.

“Very grateful to share light from their star once again, and to be able to contribute my voice again. It feels like documenting a friendship as well as who we are as artists so many years later.”

‘A Whole Day’s Night’ follows on from the Hoods’ March single ‘Show Business’, featuring Eamon. Speaking to triple j, Suffa said that both tracks feature on the album the group are currently working on, which they’re “pretty far into”. They’re also working on their third orchestral remix album, which will draw on material from both 2019’s ‘The Great Expanse’ as well as the forthcoming record.


This Saturday (August 27), Hilltop Hoods will kick off their ‘Show Business’ Australian tour with a sold-out show at Brisbane Entertainment Centre, before dates in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide next month. They’ll be joined on all dates by A.B. Original, Elsy Wameyo and DJ Total Eclipse.