Holy Holy share new music video for ‘How You Been’

"I wanted the performance to represent a kind of loose freedom"

Holy Holy have shared the music video for their new music of 2021, ‘How You Been’.

The band released the single last month (April 16). Its music video was created in collaboration with director Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore. The Melbourne-based director has previously worked with artists such as Thelma Plum, Amy Shark and Mo’Ju.

The video was shot at the Spring Bay Mill, which is found in the small town of Triabunna on the east coast of Tasmania. The video primarily focuses on frontman Tim Carroll, who dances to the song in front of the scenic location.


Watch the video below:

“Claudia and I are old friends, and we’ve been cooking up an idea of a dancing clip for awhile,” Carroll said in a statement.

“I really enjoyed the process of making this video. Claudia was amazing in encouraging me to commit to the performance. I had to allow myself to let go and not worry too much about what I looked like. I wanted the performance to represent a kind of loose freedom, which relates to some of the themes in the song.”

In a separate statement, Dalimore notes that filming the one-take video with Carroll saw her take on the role of “part director and part comrade.”


“I am a big fan of Tim’s, both on and off the stage,” she said.

“His love of dance is contagious. To me, it’s important to encourage men to dance and feel free to express themselves through movement. I want to encourage that in all its myriad forms.”