Hooligan Hefs, Youngn Lipz and Hooks remix S1MBA’s ‘Rover’

An all-Australian remix of the TikTok hit

Hooligan Hefs, Youngn Lipz and Hooks have collaborated with British rapper S1MBA.

The Australian hip-hop artists all feature on a remix of S1MBA’s track ‘Rover.’ A music video for the remix has also been released today (June 18), created by Kristopher Molina – AKA Kreezy Visions.

Watch the video below:


The video was shot over two days, and features a slew of cameos from those in the local hip-hop scene.

In a press statement, Molina explained his intentions in creating the video.

“Myself and the Sueno team wanted to… stick to the Kreezy Visions style – crazy mask and glitch effects, coloured lighting, transitions,” he said.

“[W]hat truly inspired us was the Aussie hip hop culture. I believe the cameos featured in the video truly speak of ‘the area,’ such as GeedUp, the upcoming artist Blueboy, producer Colcci and [the] owner of Hoodlan, Hugo.”

S1MBA released ‘Rover’ independently towards the end of 2019. The single later received a re-release through Parlophone in March. Thanks to the #mulachallenge on TikTok, the song amassed worldwide popularity. It peaked at number three on the UK Official Charts at the end of last month.


This marks the second time S1MBA has released a remix of the single. The London-based rapper released a remix with British rappers ZieZie, Poundz and Ivorian Doll in May.

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