Hooper Crescent share debut album ‘Object Permanence’

Featuring previously released singles 'Logos' and 'Bible Studies'

Melbourne post-punk outfit Hooper Crescent have shared their debut album, ‘Object Permanence.’

The record, released today (July 31), is the band’s first for Melbourne DIY label Spoilsport Records.

Listen to it below:


‘Object Permanence’ features previously-released singles ‘Logos’ and ‘Bible Studies.’ The tracks dropped in June and July, respectively.

Per a press release, the eight-track album is characterised by “sardonic themes and nervy blitzes.” They channelled A Certain Ratio, Pylon, Cate Le Bon and Omni on the record, among others.

“‘Object Permanence’ became a suitable title,” the band said via their press, “because there are a lot of themes throughout the album that allude to the memory of people, objects and events that may have seemed transient at the time, but have continued to have an effect on our lives and have manifested in these songs.”
“Whether it be the memories of childhood, the incessant allure of consumerism or the defining relationships of our lives, these objects and themes remain a constant in our lives.”
“We set out to explore these themes by referencing the lineage of post-punk, art rock and underground musical movements whilst trying to remain true to the time and place that we are currently in.”

‘Object Permanence’ follows on from the group’s 2018 self-titled EP. Hooper Crescent underwent a lineup change following the EP’s release, welcoming two new members.

Ash Stirling previously played in Hideous Towns and Spit and Spherical, while Gemma Helms was part of No Sister and Astral Skulls. They joined founding members Sam Cummins, Kate Allan and Ian Ngo, turning the band into a quintet.