Hope D shares new single, ‘Common Denominator’

The singer is set to tour in October

Brisbane singer-songwriter Hope D has shared her third single, and second release for the year, ‘Common Denominator’.

‘Common Denominator’ was recorded at a time when only two people were permitted to visit a residence at a time in Queensland, meaning timing musicians’ recording sessions was a slight ordeal.

Listen to ‘Common Denominator’ below:


In a statement, Hope D explained how the song is “meant to capture the feeling of a new and exciting relationship, regardless of how it turned out”.

“I wrote this song about my first relationship, where we were set up by a mutual friend. I gradually realised that the only thing we had in common (and the reason we even met) was that we were both gay,” she said.

“I actually remember pretending to know her favourite bands, which gave us more boding ground. She was very clever and I was more interested in parties and music rather than studying and understanding politics.”

‘Common Denominator’ follows on from ‘Second‘, released back in March and her 2019 debut track ‘Swim’. A string of tour dates were also announced in support of ‘Second’, which will see the singer visit Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in October, restrictions permitting. The Sydney and Melbourne shows are free entry, whereas the Brisbane event is ticketed.