Hope D trips out on explosive new single ‘Happy Hangover’

The energetic new cut was co-written with G Flip

Brisbane singer-songwriter Hope D has shared a spirited new single titled ‘Happy Hangover’, co-written with Melbourne pop artist and close friend G Flip.

Released today (September 16), the track shines with an infectiously energetic beat, driven by prickly, strummed guitars and an understated synth line that feel restrained in the verses, but roar to life in the chorus. It’s undoubtedly one of D’s most playful tracks, with the artist saying in a press release that ‘Happy Hangover’ is about “fully tripping out and having experiences that will later become nostalgic”.

Have a listen to ‘Happy Hangover’ below:


“The lyrics aren’t meant to make too much sense,” D continued in her statement, “just like the conversations you have when you aren’t really on earth on a night like that. Yet they always come back to questioning ‘if this is really happening’ because you’re having a great time.

“For me, the memories around that night are one that will always be very highly rated In my lifetime, so I am so stoked that we were able to make the memories into a really fun song.”

‘Happy Hangover’ comes as the follow-up to D’s debut EP, ‘Cash Only’, which she released independently back in February. It featured the singles ‘Addict’, ‘Miscommunicate’, ‘Common Denominator’ and ‘Second’, the latter of which came in at Number 69 on triple j’s Hottest 100 for 2020.

Speaking to NME upon the EP’s release, D explained that her writing process is very emotively driven, with the singer-writer choosing to not only avoid restraint when tackling a heavy-hitting topic, but actually take a song’s concept and themes to their extreme.

“I write how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking, and I exaggerate things a lot, because I find a lot of beauty in massive exaggeration,” she said.


“And especially comparing how you’re feeling to very extreme ways and very dark things. I think that’s kind of cool to, you know, just really blast it and say that you’re feeling things way more intensely.”

Alongside the new track, D announced a short run of headline shows set to go down in Queensland next month. Indie-rock outfit Melaleuca will join her for all three of the dates, with pop artist Rose Rogers opening up the festivities in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and singer-songwriter KARLOU jumping onto the Sunshine Coast date.

“I am so incredibly excited to play these shows in QLD with people that I absolutely adore,” D said. “I’m a huge fan of Melaleuca, Rose Rogers and KARLOU, and I am already keen to watch them all smash it and fanging to sink beers in the green rooms together.

“I’m going to bring a lot of new material to these shows and have a bunch of fun visual aspects to feast your eyes on. The band and I are going to have so much fun and banter on stage, I can’t wait for you all to be a part of it too. And as for the day after these shows, let us all be happily hungover together. Maccas on me!”

Tickets and full details for each show can be found on D’s website.