Horror My Friend announce third studio album ‘repaper’, share ‘Your Life Continued’

Arriving this December, over four years on from their last album

Adelaide trio Horror My Friend have shared details of their third studio album, entitled ‘repaper’, as well as sharing a new single from it.

The album, announced today (October 26), will follow up 2018’s ‘Home Life’. It is set for release on December 2 via [PIAS] Australia. This will mark the band’s debut release for the label, with both ‘Home Life’ and their 2016 debut ‘Stay In, Do Nothing’ being released on Melbourne indie label Poison City Records. View the full tracklist and artwork below.

The announcement of ‘repaper’ was preceded by the release of two singles, both of which will feature on the album: June’s ‘Devotion’, which opens the album, and August’s ‘Spiral Stairs’. To coincide with the announcement, a third single has been lifted from ‘repaper’ entitled ‘Your Life Continued’. Listen below:


In a press statement, the band described ‘Your Life Continued’ as “pure quarter-life crisis”.

“Specifically, it touches on the idea of spending your adult life on music, but asking yourself what’s next,” they said.

“It’s also inspired by the idea of the standard, modern capitalist path of living in our society. Especially coming to the realisation that once you reach adulthood and a career, you just go ahead and do that for 30 to 40 years – which honestly just makes me feel tired to think about.”

‘repaper’ was recorded with producer Richard Bowers at Melbourne’s Soundpark Studio, having worked with the band on their standalone single ‘Dopamine Waster’. Speaking of the album’s creation, the trio noted that they wanted ‘repaper’ to “sound different to anything we’d ever released”.

“Previously, wed made conscious choices – whether stylistic or through shyness – to hide in walls of reverb and fuzz. With ‘repaper’, we wanted to redefine the band. Working with Richard, we attempted to keep the hold onto the fuzz, reverb and vitality, whilst adding a sense of clarity across the record that we hadn’t been confident enough to reach for in the past.”


Since the release of ‘Home Life’, Horror My Friend have released three standalone singles: 2019’s ‘Turned Loose’ and the aforementioned ‘Dopamine Waster’, as well as 2020’s ‘False God’ which appeared on ‘Family Values’, a compilation for Wollongong label Farmer & The Owl. 2019 also saw the release of ‘Tops’, a standalone single for Adelaide septet West Thebarton – of which Horror My Friend’s Tom Gordon and Josh Battersby are members.

Horror My Friend’s ‘repaper’ tracklisting is:

1. ‘Devotion’
2. ‘Unfold’
3. ‘Spiral Stairs’
4. ‘Looking for a Reason to Exist’
5. ‘Dress for the Heat’
6. ‘Your Life Continued’
7. ‘Corners Peeling’
8. ‘Can Do!’
9. ‘Posie’
10. ‘Blank Future’