Horror My Friend drop previously unreleased B side ‘False God’

Taken from Farmer & The Owl's forthcoming compilation album, 'Family Values'

Horror My Friend have today (August 27) dropped a previously unreleased B-side, titled ‘False God’, as part of record label Farmer & The Owl’s forthcoming compilation album ‘Family Values’.

‘False God’ was initially recorded in the studio sessions that led towards the band’s debut album, ‘Stay In, Do Nothing’, in 2016.

“Out of all of the tracks on SIDN, this is the only one that didn’t make the cut!” the band’s singer and guitarist Tom Gordon said in a press statement.


Gordon also shared that the song is the first, and so far only, time that the band’s drummer, Sam, sings on a Horror My Friend track.

“It’s always been a contentious subject, as it also features (drummer) Sam’s only vocal debut across everything we’ve released. Now that Sam’s beautiful voice will finally see the light of day, everything will be alright.”

‘False God’ is the second track fans have heard from Farmer & The Owl’s ‘Family Values’ thus far, following the release of Step-Panther‘s first single in two years ‘Bike Lock’ last week.

Set for release on Friday September 25, Farmer & The Owl plan to release a new track from the compilation album every Thursday until its release, with Hockey DadThe PinheadsBad//Dreems, Bec Sandridge, Totally Unicorn, Moonbase, Paradise Club and more all set to feature.


The whole album is made up of songs by artists on the label that received a limited release, or no release at all.