Horror My Friend drop thumping K.I.M remix of ‘Devotion’

The producer (best known as one half of The Presets) said he “immediately fell in love" with the song's "hypnotic" mantra

Horror My Friend have shared a thumping club remix of their latest single, ‘Devotion’, helmed by Sydney EDM producer K.I.M (aka Kim Moyes of The Presets).

True to Moyes’ well-established style, the K.I.M remix of ‘Devotion’ is driving and intense, carried by the droning beat of a propulsive bass synth and ultra-crisp drum machines. It blends elements of hardcore techno and progressive house, while the repeated chant of “devotion, devotion, devotion” – which appears buried in the mix of the original song – becomes a focal point of the remix.

Listen to the K.I.M remix of ‘Devotion’ below, then compare it to the original track:


“I was thrilled to have been asked to turn the brilliant new song by Horror My Friend into a techno banger,” Moyes said in a press release. “I immediately fell in love with the hypnotic ‘Devotion’ mantra and could hear that layered on top of a pent up industrial moonscape.”

Horror My Friend frontman Tom Gordon echoed the excitement, adding: “After years of listening to The Presets, we couldn’t be more stoked to have had the opportunity to have K.I.M remix ‘Devotion’. When we brought up the idea, we weren’t expecting someone like Kim to say yes and to create what he did. There’s only one word to describe what K.I.M made: TOUGH.”

‘Devotion’ was released as a single back in March (with a video following in April), marking Horror My Friend’s first release on [PIAS] and ending a two-and-a-half-year drought of new material. It signified a bold leap forward for the Adelaide trio, drawing inspiration from genres like shoegaze and electronica, while still maintaining the grisly punk energy of their early releases.

Touching on the song’s concept, Gordon said he was spurred to pen the track after buying a digital reverb pedal (the Hardwire RV-7, to be exact). “You can hear the effect on the guitar in the intro and the bridge,” he said, “where it’s difficult to hear when the chords start and end. Honestly, we just went into the rehearsal room and I just asked Josh [Battersby, bass] and Sam [Kolesnik, drums], ‘Can we start it with this? I really like this.’”