Horror My Friend roar into a new era with grungy and driving single ‘Devotion’

The song marks a bold leap forward for the Adelaide trio

Horror My Friend have shared a belting new single titled ‘Devotion’, marking their first release on the [PIAS] label and ending a two-and-a-half-year drought of new material. 

It’s a bold leap forward for the Adelaide trio, drawing inspiration from genres like shoegaze and electronica, while still maintaining the grisly punk energy of early Horror My Friend releases. The soundscape is carried by thrashy, cymbal-heavy drums and crunchy guitars slathered in reverb, while frontman Tom Gordon flips between his soaring tenor and vicious screams. 

RAT!hammock singer Jackson Phelan also makes a guest appearance on ‘Devotion’, delivering the monologue spoken in the track’s bridge. According to a press release, Phelan gave his performance with no preparation. Keep an ear out for his feature with a stream of the song below:


Touching on the musical concept behind ‘Devotion’, Gordon said he was spurred to pen the track after buying a digital reverb pedal (the Hardwire RV-7, to be exact), which inspired its heady and grunge-adjacent sound. “You can hear the effect on the guitar in the intro and the bridge,” Gordon said, “where it’s difficult to hear when the chords start and end. 

“Honestly, we just went into the rehearsal room and I just asked Josh [Battersby, bass] and Sam [Kolesnik, drums], ‘Can we start it with this? I really like this.’ And that’s it.”

Lyrically, ‘Devotion’ sees and Gordon and his cohort take a stance against the misogynistic culture they’d noted in some of their local circles, unapologetically spurning “the absolute disregard these people had for the women they dealt with”. 

The song comes as Horror My Friend’s first new tune since October 2019, when they shared the standalone single ‘Dopamine Waster’. It also comes with the news that Horror My Friend have signed to the local arm of [PIAS]. 

Sophie Brown, the label’s A&R and marketing manager, said in a statement that signing the band was “an amazing full-circle moment”, having followed them closely since they released their 2016 debut, ‘Stay In, Do Nothing’. She continued: “It’s been great watching them evolve as artists while building their dedicated fanbase and I can’t wait to see the incredible things that our team and the band can achieve together.”


The band were previously signed to Melbourne indie/punk label Poison City, though they’d also linked up with Farmer & The Owl in recent years; in August of 2020, they released the previously unheard B-side ‘False God’ as part of the Wollongong label’s ‘Family Values’ compilation.