Horrorshow share deluxe edition of 2019 album ‘New Normal’

Featuring an all-star “G-Mix” of ‘Monkey Bars’ with L-FRESH The LION, Nooky, Nardean and more

Hip-hop duo Horrorshow have released a deluxe edition of their 2019 album ‘New Normal’, bursting with new cuts and remixed tracks.

The pair’s extended version of the record landed on streaming services today (December 4), via their mainstay label Elefant Traks.

They’ve enlisted an impressive number of artists for reimagined versions of songs off the original album, such as ‘Monkey Bars’ and ‘Spires’.


The former sees the duo team up with L-FRESH The LION, Nardean, Nooky, Lil Dijon, Jimmy Nice, Erica Em, Smak, Nerve and Talakai for an all-star “G-Mix” of the track, initially recorded with Triple One. The latter, a ‘Spires’ remix, sees Newcastle producer jayteehazard add some new depth to the song, which also features Poppy Rose.

“We wanted to do a remix for Monkey Bars that would capture the exciting energy of the hip hop scene in Australia right now,” the paid said of the remix.

“We’re big fans of everyone on the track and wanted to bring them together to showcase the amazing variety of voices and personalities.”

An acoustic version of ‘Rescue’ has also crept its way onto the album, along with their September 2020 single ’88 Bars (Behind The Scenes)’.

Listen to the full deluxe edition below:


Speaking of the new record in a press statement, Adit and Solo reflected on the process of compiling the deluxe record.

“Revisiting New Normal one year on is an interesting mixture of emotions,” they said.

“While the album was very much born out of lessons learned through difficult personal experiences, it’s reassuring to see how its themes of coming to terms with life-altering change have rung true for so many people as we’ve found our way through the previously unimagined experiences and strange trajectory of this year.”

“The bonus tracks add a further depth to the record and we’re super thankful to all of our collaborators who worked on them. Above all, we’re proud of the record we made and the way we channelled those feelings and made something positive out of them that’s been shared with and appreciated by others”.

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