HTRK release dreamy new single ‘Valentina’

Lifted from the band's new album 'Rhinestones'

HTRK have released the new single ‘Valentina’, just over a week out from their new album’s arrival.

Following on from the album’s opener ‘Kiss Kiss And Rhinestones’, ‘Valentina’ is a dreamy listen that sees Jenny Standish’s vocals reverberate atop a soft guitar-led backing.

Listen to the track below:


‘Rhinestones’ is HTRK’s fifth studio album, due out September 17 via Heavy Machinery. The album’s composition is inspired by the band’s recent interest in “eerie and gothic country music”, as well as the concept of friendship and “its potential for new feelings of telepathy and trust”.

In addition to ‘Valentina’ and last month’s release of ‘Kiss Kiss And Rhinestones’, the record also includes ‘Real Headfuck’ and ‘Reverse Déjà Vu’, which the band released last year as a double A-side single.

The album is supported by the City of Melbourne’s Flash Forward program, which is also supporting 39 other music premieres. Other artists who will release albums as part of the project include Emma Donovan And The Putbacks, Mindy Meng Wang and Female Wizard.

Last year saw HTRK release two albums, ‘Venus In Leo’ and ‘Over The Rainbow’, along with the EP ‘Lilac’, which featured “experiments and remixes” from the recording sessions for their 2014 album ‘Psychic 9-5 Club’.