HTRK share cinematic music video for ‘New Years Day’

Featuring debauched vampires

HTRK have shared a cinematic new music video for their 2019 track ‘New Years Day’.

The four-minute clip is directed by long-time visual collaborator Nathan Corbin, and features many of his directorial hallmarks – VHS effects, desaturation and distortion.

It stars the duo themselves – Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang – as well as co-producer Jenni Hensler and Corbin himself between a dreamscaped New York and its derelict apartment buildings and subways. Debauched vampires enter in the last portion of the video.


Watch the surreal clip below.

‘New Years Day’ is taken from HTRK’s 2019 album ‘Venus In Leo’. It’s the third video from the record, and the second directed by Corbin following the title track.

The duo have been busy with loose releases during 2020. In March, HTRK uploaded their 2014 vinyl-only EP ‘Body Lotion’, along with a rarities collection of tracks recorded over the past decade. In June, they shared the Bandcamp-exclusive EP, ‘Lilac’, featuring “experiments and remixes” from the recording sessions for their 2014 album ‘Psychic 9-5 Club’.

A month later, HTRK dropped the double A-side single, entitled ‘Real Headfuck’ / ‘Reverse Déjà Vu’.


HTRK’s first live show since the beginning of the pandemic is slated for January 25 on the new Malthouse Outdoor Stage in Melbourne, alongside KaiitRVGSarah Mary Chadwick and more.