Huck Hastings announces debut album ‘Cheers To Progress’

He'll be launching the album with a Sydney performance next month

Sydney artist Huck Hastings has announced details around his debut album, ‘Cheers To Progress’.

Making the announcement on social media, Hastings revealed that ‘Cheers To Progress’ will be released on Friday March 5.

“I wrote this album over and over, and learned so much about myself along the way,” he wrote in the caption for the post.


“I hope you can get something out of it too.”

View Hasting’s post, alongside the album artwork, below:

In a press statement, Hastings said, “Iā€™m really interested in how, when you stack seemingly mundane moments on top of each other, you create a picture of a time or a life that is deeply rich and nuanced.

“Those little, unimportant moments feel really important to me, particularly with hindsight. I used this album to both hold on to and let go of a period of my life.”

The album features some already released tracks, like ‘Soft ā€“ An Epilogue’, ‘Anthem For The End Of The World’ and ‘It’s Alright / It’s Cool (Commitment Issues)‘.


To celebrate the album’s release, he’ll be playing an intimate launch show at Sydney’s Darlinghurst Theatre Company next month, with tickets available now.

The show will kick off from 7pm on Friday March 12, ahead of Jack Colwell & Brendan Maclean‘s performance scheduled for later that same night.