Husky release fourth studio album, ‘Stardust Blues’

The record was written in Melbourne's now-demolished Westbury Hotel

Husky released their fourth studio album, ‘Stardust Blues’, today (August 7).

It’s the band’s first full-length release since 2017’s ‘Punchbuzz’, which saw them branch out from their folky-acoustic roots to a more synthy sound, inspired by a year of living in Berlin.


‘Stardust Blues’ was written partly in the Westbury Hotel, an old building in the Melbourne suburb of Balaclava. A sharehouse at the time, members of the band had lived there for years before it was demolished in late 2019.

It was here that much of ‘Stardust Blues’ came to life. The band managed to shoot and record some of the project in the building before it was torn down.

“We finished ‘Stardust Blues’ just as the time came to leave the Hotel, but as we left, we converted the place into one big ephemeral work of art,” explained frontman and vocalist, Husky Gawenda.

“We painted and covered the walls in scribbled out dreams, we had parties with art installations and music and while this was happening we recorded live versions of some of the songs from the new record.”

“Even as the place was being demolished, we were recording and filming.”


The band dropped their first single from the record in January, ‘SYWD’, following up with ‘Cut Myself Loose’ in March. The latter came with a video clip filmed in the Westbury Hotel. They also shared tracks ‘Wristwatch’ and ‘Light A Cigarette’ in the lead up to album’s release.

Husky will perform live during the streaming festival Isol-Aid this Saturday (August 8).