Husky’s Husky Gawenda announces new album ‘The Rocket Ship is Haunted’, shares first single

It will mark the frontman's second solo album, slated for release on September 16

Husky Gawenda — of the Melbourne band Husky — has announced he has a new solo album on the way, ‘The Rocket Ship is Haunted’.

Gawenda shared the news on Friday (April 29) by releasing the record’s first single, an acoustic-led cut titled ‘Your Demon’. A blend of indie and folk, the track marries warm guitars with Gawenda’s ethereal vocals. Check it out below.


“I wrote & recorded ‘Your Demon’, along with nine other songs, before the virus, but maybe now it’s even more relevant than back then,” Gawenda wrote on Instagram. “It’s about travelling back in time. Memory is a blessing and a curse. And like Faulkner said, the past is never dead, it’s not even past.”

Elaborating further on the song’s meaning in a press statement, he said: “Sometimes there are parts of yourself that you don’t recognise. There are parts of yourself that you have to argue and wrestle with. Often this happens in the dead of the night, when the ghosts come to visit.”

‘The Rocket Ship is Haunted’ will mark the Husky frontman’s second solo LP, after releasing his debut ‘Bedroom Ice Age’ in December last year. The new album is slated for release on September 16.

Gawenda’s band Husky released their fourth studio album ‘Stardust Blues’ in 2020, much of which was written and recorded in Balaclava’s old Westbury Hotel. A sharehouse at the time, members of the band had lived there for years before it was torn down in 2019.

They only shared one new single as an outfit in 2021, titled ‘Meteorite’.