Ice Cube responds after being accused of sharing anti-Semitic memes on Twitter

The rapper previously responded to the criticism by saying "I get along with every race on the earth"

Ice Cube has responded to accusations that he has been sharing anti-Semitic memes online while speaking out against racial injustice following the killing of George Floyd.

The former N.W.A. rapper and film star has been particularly vocal on social media in demanding justice for Floyd, but he has also drawn criticism this month after sharing a number of posts and images that have previously been labelled and condemned as being anti-Semitic.

The Daily Beast reports that one of the memes Ice Cube shared was created by ‘Black Matters’, a website and Facebook page that “purports to be a non-profit news resource for African-Americans but was outed long ago as a Russian-run propaganda tool to manipulate Americans”.


Last week (June 6) Ice Cube responded to a journalist who told him that an image of a mural in London that the rapper shared online was widely considered to be anti-Semitic, saying: “My image was cropped. I get along with every race on the earth.”

Writing in response to the continuing criticism yesterday (June 10), the rapper said: “This is CUBE. My account has not been hacked. I speak for no organisation. I only speak for the meek people of thee earth. We will not expect crumbles from your table. We have to power of almighty God backing us all over the earth. NO MORE TALKING. Repent.”


Ice Cube said he “will continue to keep our people motivated, informed and provide simple solutions to help solve the problems that America has caused our people.”

“These are my acutel [sic] facts as I see it. You can take it or let it alone.”

Last week, Ice Cube was among the many high-profile names in music who encouraged their followers and fans to exercise their right to vote to enact change in the US.

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