Icehouse to mark their 40th anniversary with a live album release

Recorded at St. Kilda Festival earlier this year

Aussie pub rock legends Icehouse will release a live version of their debut album to mark their 40th anniversary.

In 1980, Icehouse – then known as Flowers – released their debut album ‘Icehouse’. The album contained four Top 30 singles – ‘Can’t Help Myself’, ‘We Can Get Together’, ‘Love In Motion’ and ‘Walls’.

Earlier this year and to begin the marking of the milestone, Icehouse performed songs from the album at St Kilda Festival in Melbourne (who were also celebrating their 40th year).


Today (October 9), the band have announced the release of that performance, featuring all tracks from the debut release. Renditions of other Icehouse hits will also feature on the live album, including the seminal ‘Great Southern Land’, taken from their follow-up release, 1982’s ‘Primitive Man’.

The live anniversary performance, to be titled ‘Icehouse Plays Flowers’, is set for release on Friday October 30.

In a press release, Icehouse vocalist Iva Davis reflected on the band’s 40th anniversary performance in Melbourne and the upcoming live album, saying, “All of us, the band and the incredibly dedicated crew who have been working with us these last ten years, put an intense amount of work into preparing for this one very special show.

“I knew it would be a tough set to keep up with. But what I wasn’t prepared for was the explosion of energy that possessed the band that night. These were, after all, songs played by a band that had its roots in the hard and fast punk movement of the late 70’s. (and we were only in our early 20’s at the time so we had plenty of energy!).

“Listening back to the evening, and the succession of break neck high-energy songs, I’m amazed at what happened that night on St. Kilda beach.


“I will always value the opportunity of revisiting that special time, and those early songs.”