Idles’ Joe Talbot on the band’s new album: “‘Ultra Mono’ is vigorously Idles”

The Bristol band will premiere a third taster of the album today (July 14)

Idles frontman Joe Talbot has discussed the band’s upcoming third album ‘Ultra Mono’ in a new interview.

The album comes out in September via Partisan, and later today (July 14) the band will share another new track called ‘A Hymn’ from the album.

Speaking to Apple Music, Talbot discussed the new album, how he’s been coping in quarantine and how Idles’ lack of success in their first decade as a band has changed them.


“The beautiful thing about us being ignored for 10 years is that there was no one telling us what we couldn’t do, we just had to learn it ourselves,” Talbot began. “And that meant that now I think ‘Ultra Mono’ is vigorously Idles. It’s fluent in Idles language because we’ve just been able to take baby steps every moment, make mistakes, and no one’s fucking at our gigs so we can make mistakes and come back stronger.

“Rather than like, ‘Ah that was a shit gig, no one’s going to come and watch us again because everyone in London that mattered came to that one that we were terrible at.’ Do you know what I mean?

“We just built it slowly over time,” he added. “It made us really appreciate selling 40 tickets. It made us really appreciate being able to write five decent songs in a row, because we took that time and we were given the breadth to make mistakes, and now we’re here.

“I think experience is fucking amazing but you also have to hold yourself accountable and work your ass off. It’s not an industry that carries people. They chew you up and they spit you out.”


Idles have previously shared two tracks from ‘Ultra Mono’, first single ‘Mr. Motivator’ and the recent follow-up ‘Grounds’.

Joe Talbot also recently launched his own quarantine chat show. Balley TV will feature guests ranging from  Sharon Van EttenKate Tempest and Idles collaborator and producer Kenny Beats to Pearl Jam‘s Jeff Ament, Savages vocalist Jehnny Beth and Chvrches‘ Lauren Mayberry.