Melbourne rapper IJALE flexes on new single ‘XXL’

His first single since dropping debut EP 'Wildly Disparate Sounds' back in July

Melbourne artist IJALE has shared new single ‘XXL’, a confident, swaggering late-night cut buoyed by crisp percussion and glistening, arpeggiated keys.

Co-produced with Scruffs and The Dieyoungs, it’s the first single from the rapper since independently releasing his debut EP ‘Wildly Disparate Sounds’ earlier this year.

Since then, he’s signed with Untitled Group’s Melbourne-based Daily Nightly Records, with ‘XXL’ marking his first release through the label. Listen below:


“The song is basically me talking my shit, feeling confident, about life, about my choices, about my path and the people I had around me at the time,” commented the rapper – real name Jerry Agbinya – in a statement.

“It’s about not needing hella followers or heaps of cash to be on top of your game.”

Per a press release, ‘XXL’ marks the first taste of a new crop of music from Agbinya, with a mixtape set to arrive sometime next year.

The seven-track ‘Wildly Disparate Sounds’ was released back in July after a steady string of attention-grabbing singles like ‘Hotlines’ and Zephyrrgreene collab ‘Coffee Cups’.


Upon its release, Agbinya described the self-produced EP as “an in-depth portrait of my life and the overarching issues that pervade it.”

“[I]t is comprised of abstractions and retellings of experiences that have changed me in ways I’m still discovering to this day.”