IJALE releases debut EP ‘Wildly Disparate Sounds’

Featuring the previously released singles 'Coffee Cups' and 'Hotlines'

Melbourne rapper IJALE has put out his debut EP, entitled ‘Wildly Disparate Sounds’.

The seven-track EP, released today (July 31), follows a string of singles released between June 2019 and July 2020. Two of those singles – June’s ‘Coffee Cups’ and July’s ‘Hotlines‘ – feature on ‘Wildly Disparate Sounds’. IJALE donated all proceeds from the latter single’s sales to the Australian Muslim Social Services Agency (AMSSA).

Listen to the EP below:


In a press statement, IJALE described the EP as “an in-depth portrait of my life and the overarching issues that pervade it.”

“[I]t is comprised of abstractions and retellings of experiences that have changed me in ways I’m still discovering to this day,” he said.

IJALE produced and wrote the entire EP himself, which also features appearances from Zephyrgreene and Teischa.

He claims that the release was “two years in the making”.


The press statement also sees IJALE note the EP’s reflections on his Nigerian heritage and ongoing conflicts with racism.

“As it always has, the colour of my skin has helped shape my identity and my perspective of the world at large,” he said.

“[T]hrough the making of this project, I have discovered how my run-ins with racism and discrimination have shaped my ability to deal with trauma.”