ILUKA collaborates with Lime Cordiale on new single ‘Mess’

Dropping alongside a colourful music video

ILUKA has released a new single, ‘Mess’, which sees the Sydney-based singer-songwriter collaborate with Lime Cordiale.

The track drops today (April 16) alongside a colourful music video. In it we see ILUKA wake up the morning after a balloon-decked party, interspersed with flashbacks to the interactions with Lime Cordiale the previous night and the following morning.

Watch the video for ‘Mess’ below:


The indie-pop artist worked with producer Aron Forbes (Billie Eilish, Halsey, Banks) on the track she calls “an ode to the wild abandon of youth… a celebration of innocence”.

Speaking in a press statement of working with brothers Louis and Oli Leimbach, ILUKA said “When I had the idea for the song I sent it straight through to them as a rough voice memo, warts and all”.

“I envisioned it as a story between two lovers reflecting on a past relationship and a more carefree time in their life. They [Lime Cordiale] loved the song and idea so together we fleshed it out and ‘Mess’ was born.”

Adding to ILUKA’s sentiments, Lime Cordiale said, “Iluka has always been an artist that has really impressed us. An incredible songwriter and performing artist who we are big fans of.

“‘Mess’ really captures the beauty of the dazed and foolish moments we had growing as artists and friends together. Warehouse dwellings and carefree nights.”


The collaboration follows on from Lime Cordiale’s latest single, ‘Nobody Takes Me Seriously’, their first new material since their ground-breaking album, ’14 Steps to a Better You’, which was released last year.

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