Impatiens shares new single ‘Hungry Plants’

The single is the latest track from the 'Stay Inside — Songs from The Great Indoors' compilation album

Newcastle singer-songwriter and producer Impatiens — real name Amelia Bessany — has today (April 16) released a new single, ‘Hungry Plants’.

Listen to the track below:


“Leaves fold and unfurl with changes in sunlight, or fall when a plant goes into shock and some may even ‘play dead’ in response to disturbances,” Bessany said of the track’s inspiration.

The single was created across two separate periods of isolation: it was first recorded during an artist residency deep in the Blue Mountains, then finished during the coronavirus’ enforced isolation laws.

The track is the latest single from ‘Stay Inside — Songs from The Great Indoors’, a joint compilation album from Australian labels Osborne Again, Dinosaur City Records, Spunk Records, Blossom Rot Records, Hotel Motel and Inertia Music. NME Australia premiered its first release — ‘Million Dollar Baby’ by Dianas — on April 2.

Throughout the month of April, one new track from the album will be released every day on the ‘Stay Inside’ Bandcamp page. Listeners who buy the album on Bandcamp will be entitled to all digital releases throughout April, no matter the date of purchase. All proceeds will go directly to the contributing artists.

Dinosaur City Records founder Jordanne Chant told NME Australia she thought ‘Stay Inside’ would be a “nice gesture” for labels to give back to the artists they work with, considering the current circumstances. “I think a lot of our artists are still coming to terms with what is happening and the effects of it all,” Chant said.


“The uncertainty around when they’ll be able to next play a show, or watch live music, or the next time they’ll be able to see family or friends. On top of losing gigs, many artists work casual jobs on the side to support their art. Almost all of the artists we work with have lost their main source of income — as have I.”