Indigo Sparke releases tender new single, ‘Everything Everything’

The second single from her forthcoming Adrianne Lenker-produced album, 'Echo'

Sydney singer Indigo Sparke has released another single, ‘Everything Everything’, in the lead-up to her debut album’s arrival.

Sparke’s instrumentally sparse song puts her delicate vocals front and centre, as she sings of life and death. The new song arrives with a stylistically simple music video, directed by Mia Lethbridge.

Watch the clip for ‘Everything Everything’ below:


Sparke said she wrote the song following a trip to Italy with some fellow artists and travelling to New York with a man she had met during her travels.

“I borrowed this little parlour guitar of his and completely fell in love. I just sat in that room for hours and days playing around and just laying next to the guitar looking at the ceiling thinking about life and death and the poetry of it all,” she said in a statement.

“I remember feeling this liberating sense of freedom and melancholic nostalgia. It was so hot and the wind almost blew through from a different dimension or plane. I guess the song came through from that place too. It just came out. I can almost still feel that time on my skin, or in my breath.”

‘Everything Everything’ follows on from her earlier single ‘Baby’, the first song to be lifted from her forthcoming LP ‘Echo’, out February 19 via Sacred Bones.

‘Echo’ enlisted the help of US producer Andrew Sarlo and Big Thief frontwoman Adrianne Lenker to produce the album.


“These songs became near and dear to me, and it was beautiful to help build the billowy landscapes within them. Indigo’s writing and voice are ethereal and angelic and guide me through internal canyons and plains,” Lenker said in a statement.

“I’m deeply grateful to have been part of this and to have gotten to play and sing along side Indigo, and to have been able to eternalize a very special space and time with her, which I will always cherish.”

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