IU reveals she struggled to record emotional ballad ‘My sea’

“At the time I lost weight, so I had no strength. It was very hard to sing that part.”

Following the release of her 5th full-length album ‘LILAC’, IU shared behind-the-scenes stories from recording the project.

In an episode of IU’s Palette released on April 1, IU singled out the emotional ballad ‘My sea’ as being particularly difficult to record.

In a four-star review of ‘LILAC’, NME’s Sofiana Ramli described the track as a “breath-taking reminder of why IU is one of the most beloved vocalists of her generation.”


IU shared that composer Kim Jehwi decided to raise the song by half a key after she recorded the first verse.

“It doesn’t sound right. Let’s raise it by half a key,” he said. Recalling their conversation, she said she was initially against the key-change as the song was already high.

Despite the difficulties she faced recording ‘My sea,’ IU surprisingly nailed the song’s spine-chilling high note in one take. “I don’t close my eyes to the darkness that locks me up anymore / I won’t pretend I don’t know myself again,” she belts in a behind-the-scenes clip.

“I lost weight, so I had no strength. It was very hard to sing that part,” she reflected.

Ultimately, the pair was satisfied with how ‘My sea’ turned out. She also revealed Kim made the track 5 minutes and 16 seconds long to represent the singer’s birthday (May 16).


IU released her latest project ‘LILAC’ on March 25, featuring the title track of the same name as well as songs such as ‘Coin’, ‘Celebrity’, and the highly anticipated ‘TROLL’, which features K-R&B singer DEAN.