Izzy Day visits 100-year old sugar mill in ‘Silence’ music video

Filmed in the Byron Bay hinterland

Melbourne singer-songwriter Izzy Day has teamed up with production house Drishti Studio to create the music video for her new single, ‘Silence’.

The clip was shot on the north coast of New South Wales in the Byron Bay hinterland. It was filmed on location at the Broadwater Sugarmill, a 100-year-old mill on the edge of the Richmond River. The video features Kirilly Dawn, a dancer and Barkindji woman, dancing around various spots in the area while Day performs the song.

Watch the video for ‘Silence’ below:


In a press statement, Vicky Jay – the video’s director and editor – described the video as “so natural and exciting”.

“With Kirilly expressing herself so eloquently through dance, mixed with the powerful words in ‘Silence’, the video really took on a life of its own,” she said. “I loved every moment of creating this video.”

Day herself echoed these sentiments, praising Jay’s vision and Dawn’s performance.

“Co-creating with Vicky was awe-inspiring,” she said. “Kirilly Dawn graced us with her embodied sensuous dance, nurturing the heart of the song through movement in an incredibly vulnerable way.”


‘Silence’ was originally released in late April 2021, and marked Day’s second single as a solo artist. She initially made her debut with the munkyds collaboration ‘Motions’ in June of 2020.

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