Disney+ shares trailer for j-hope of BTS documentary ‘j-hope IN THE BOX’

The documentary covering the creation of j-hope's first solo album will be released next month

Disney+ has released the trailer for j-hope IN THE BOX, an upcoming documentary focussing on the BTS band member j-hope

The 30-second clip compiles footage of the K-pop rapper in the studio, at dance rehearsals, and on stage in front of fans. “The world doesn’t really know how BTS’ j-hope goes about making music,” he says in the clip. “[I want to] break out of the box and greet a bigger world.” The trailer ends with a snippet of j-hope’s set at last year’s Lollapalooza, which made history as the first time a South Korean artist had headlined a major US festival.

Watch the trailer for j-hope IN THE BOX below.


The documentary is due to be released internationally on Disney+ on February 17. According to a press release, j-hope IN THE BOX will document the creation of the musician’s 2022 debut solo album, ‘Jack In The Box’, and will give viewers “a never-before-seen look at the creative challenges faced during the album’s preparation process”.

j-hope IN THE BOX is also said to include footage from the ‘Jack In The Box’ listening party, as well as clips from j-hope’s Lollapalooza set. Speaking of his headlining performance at the festival in an interview with NME, j-hope said he “prepared really hard for this set” and described it as “a super meaningful moment”. He continued: “Me being the first South Korean headliner of a major US festival, but also j-hope’s musical journey”.

Meanwhile, in a five-star review of j-hope’s debut album – which featured among NME‘s 50 best albums of 2022NME compared ‘Jack In The Box’ to “walking behind a sun-dappled waterfall to find shadowy caves and the debris of erosion.” It continued: “‘Jack In The Box’ is smartly presented with a clearly signposted narrative. It flows in a way that makes it a treat to enjoy from start to finish rather than dipping into songs at random.”

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