Jack Bratt releases new single ‘The Outsider’

The Brisbane singer's second single

Brisbane singer-songwriter Jack Bratt has shared a new single, ‘The Outsider.’

The track, released today (July 30), marks the second single from Bratt in 2020. It follows the release of ‘Spades’ in April. Joel Myles of RVLR produced the track, recording at Brisbane’s Hunting Ground Studios.

An accompanying music video has been released alongside the single. Brad Murnane, of production company Spilting Films, directed the video.


Watch it below:

Speaking about the single in a press statement, Bratt noted that ‘The Outsider’ deals with “being left of centre” and “not fitting in.”

“You may have an idea about how others view you, but that’s not necessarily who you are,” he said.

“It’s easy to think somebody might be doing really well, but that could just be a front while they’re dealing with a lot of problems.”

Although recorded prior to the current pandemic, Bratt adds that the song has taken on an additional meaning in the context in which it’s been released.


“I think what I’ve learned from being in lockdown… is that nobody is really okay,” he said.

“[W]e all have our own struggles.”

Both ‘Spades’ and ‘The Outsider’ will feature on Bratt’s debut studio album. The record, which is as-yet untitled, is set for release in the first quarter of 2021.

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